Welcome to Linda’s Life Garage

A rambunctious romp for midlife women. It’s about  reinventing life one day at a time. Riffing (or ranting!) about when it feels good and when it feels bad. It’s about yoga, fitness and health, hair, skin, travel (hah!) and clothes.  And anything else that, well, feels good or feels bad!


Published by younghyndman

I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm a former government senior executive who is refiring by community building, staying strong and writing. I am as free as bird, happily partnered and am interested in well-being, reading, traveling and learning new things. ! I've been published on the Canberra Women's Poetry website, Catherine Deveney's website and the South Australian Astrology magazine. I am currently writing a romance novel and will be posting on this blog fortnightly

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