I’ve been playing with Wim Hoff breathing this past couple of months. You may have heard of him – aka the Ice Man. He uses a combo of a breath practice (which you can pick up on youtube) and cold showers to hack the immune system. The effects of my daily meditation practice have already convinced that I can re-wire my brain. Now I’m trying this guy’s stuff as part of my quest to get rid of my allergy induced asthma.

I start the day energised, my allergies are already less severe. And, for all you peri-menopausal women out there the heat in my body has reduced significantly. Costs nothing but ten minutes a day and a little bit of discomfort in the shower each morning. I’m going to keep trying it for at least 6 weeks. Perfect health may be in reach!

Published by younghyndman

I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm a former government senior executive who is refiring by community building, staying strong and writing. I am as free as bird, happily partnered and am interested in well-being, reading, traveling and learning new things. ! I've been published on the Canberra Women's Poetry website, Catherine Deveney's website and the South Australian Astrology magazine. I am currently writing a romance novel and will be posting on this blog fortnightly

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