A couple of years ago, I decided to get serious about writing, I went to a writer’s retreat and I actually managed to finish a first draft of a book called Dreams, Schemes and Flying Machines.  Then I wrote another draft and another draft.  By then I hated it. Now it’s sitting, not in the usual drawer, but neatly filed away in a sky-blue lever arch file.  I have no idea whether it’s any good or not.  All I can tell you is I am sick of it, so I’m giving it a rest.

I’ve also done an opinion writing course, a website building one and one on pitching my yet to be finished novel. You get the picture.  Still no novel I’d be happy to release to the world.  I do have a website though.   Embryonic, as you can see.

I hadn’t figured on just how hard writing my own content would be.  Nor website building – even with the course and the help of the very patient manfriend.    Hadn’t figured on how to tackle the technology, the industry, the loneliness.    The feedback.  For example, “It’s opinion writing, not poetry!”  Ouch.

I keep finding myself going back to writing in one form or another.  So, there must be something in it.   Which is why I’ve now joined the Romantic Writers Association of Australia.  Maybe it’s time to have a serious go about writing something that might actually be fun.

As to the website, time to make it more like a Life Garage than an empty aircraft hangar.  Cos a writer gotta write. Whatever the tool! 

Published by younghyndman

I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm a former government senior executive who is refiring by community building, staying strong and writing. I am as free as bird, happily partnered and am interested in well-being, reading, traveling and learning new things. ! I've been published on the Canberra Women's Poetry website, Catherine Deveney's website and the South Australian Astrology magazine. I am currently writing a romance novel and will be posting on this blog fortnightly


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