I hear all the time about messages from the universe.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve been getting back to listening to them.  Call them what you like.  Gut feeling, instinct, ridiculous crazy woo.    Sometimes they are a gentle whisper.  So gentle, I need the same freaking thing to happen three times over beforeContinue reading “WHEN THE UNIVERSE SHOUTS”

Welcome to Linda’s Life Garage

A rambunctious romp for midlife women. It’s about  reinventing life one day at a time. Riffing (or ranting!) about when it feels good and when it feels bad. It’s about yoga, fitness and health, hair, skin, travel (hah!) and clothes.  And anything else that, well, feels good or feels bad! #yogamama#heroestozeros#hairobsession#stayathomegal#gooutandhavefungal#savetheplanet#coolsustainable#notravelAustralian#lovetheskinyouisin